Sammwc 4c

Brain Science

In this session, attendees will explore the underlying reasons for human behavior by examining brain smart principles and the brain states model. They will gain insights into the characteristics of executive, emotional, and survival brain states, and acquire practical tools to effectively communicate and engage with others.

Anger & Stress Management

This training is designed to explore what stress is, identify triggers and effects of stress, and examine the makeup of stress. Participants will learn practical calming techniques and coping skills for managing stress, such as changing self-talk, breathing exercises, and ways to relax.

Anxiety Management Strategies

In a world that is no longer predictable, there has been a large wave of mental health challenges surfacing. Some people are experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety, and panic attacks for the first time. This training provides an open conversation about anxiety and stress. Participants will learn the brain science behind why their body […]

Cognitive Distortions

“Nothing ever goes my way!” “What if I get into an accident?” Cognitive distortions, such as the examples above, are exaggerated patterns of thought not based on facts and are usually negative. In this training, participants will learn how to recognize cognitive distortions, discover when the brain starts to twist its thinking, and determine how […]


Go beyond the typical self-care routines of bubble baths and a leisurely walk to learn the importance of taking care of yourself. In this training, participants will discuss self-compassion; body image and perfectionism issues; the importance of accepting oneself; setting attainable, challenging goals; and how to develop small daily habits to demonstrate love for oneself.

Cycle of Addiction

This session will detail the cycle the individual will go through who is using substances, as well as the process the family member will go through while their loved one uses substances. Participants will explore what it is like to be in each cycle for a substance user and for the family member. They will […]

Smoking Cessation

This four-week course covers topics pertaining to smoking, including the effects of smoking, education on marijuana and vaping, and the truth about nicotine, among others. At the end of the course, students are provided a certificate of completion. The cost for materials is $500 per four-week course and the class can hold up to 25 […]

WRAP: Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Mold your life the way you want it. Join this session to discuss a self-designed prevention and wellness process that anyone can use to discover and stay well. Learn ways to overcome mental health issues and move on to fulfilling life dreams and goals. WRAP will help individuals address various physical, mental health, and life […]

Communication Skills

Participants will learn about the different styles of communication: Passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive. They’ll then practice different ways to express themselves through activities.

Conflict Resolution

This training explains what conflict resolution is, as well as strategies that can be incorporated to assist with conflict resolution. Participants will discuss how to identify emotions, how to apologize, helpful forms of communication, what tactics to avoid, and how to de-escalate communication.