Sammwc 4c

Building Grief Peer Support Groups

Are you looking for guidelines for implementing grief peer support groups on campus? This session covers the conceptualization of grief, creating group guidelines, and selecting group appropriate members. A sample curriculum and grief-focused group activities are provided to attendees.

Grief 101 Series

The group of psychoeducation training will discuss the basics of grief and how it might present in various ways. Choose from the following topics: Educator’s grief, supporting a grieving child/student, supporting a grieving child on the autism spectrum, and supporting the grief in the community.

Grief Informed Schools: Interventions for Grieving Students

Take a deep dive into how grief presents in children and adolescents. Guidelines are provided for addressing the death of a student or school staff and supporting students after a crisis. Attendees are provided with developmentally appropriate interventions for facilitating grief processing with students in individual or group sessions.

Working Through Grief: Recognizing, Managing, and Supporting Grief Processes

Multicultural Considerations to Support Grief in Diverse PopulationsThis session This session provides an in-depth look at how grief presents in children and adolescents while also exploring multiculturalism, inclusive language, microaggressions, countertransference, and practitioner biases when speaking to students about their death loss experience.