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Individual Counseling

A licensed counselor will listen to what challenges you are facing and then provide guidance on how you can work through them. Some issues that people might seek out a counselor for include, but are not limited to, anxiety, anger, grief, depression, trauma and more. Individual counseling also can help with becoming a better communicator, improving concentration, boosting self-esteem and self-compassion, and resolving family issues.

Group Therapy

Under the supervision of a licensed counselor, group therapy allows people with similar challenges to get together in a safe space to talk through their thoughts and feelings. Groups can act as a support system, an accountability partner, and a sounding board for members who are working through a problem.


In some cases, medication is needed as part of a mental health plan. The client and therapist will work together to determine whether or not medication is the right choice. A psychiatrist will prescribe and then follow up with the client over time to assure the medication is beneficial.

Drug & Alcohol Counseling

Drug and alcohol use affects the whole family. The comprehensive program includes drug and alcohol use intervention, assessment, counseling, and education. It is especially designed for youth and families.


Mental health and wellness professionals provide free education opportunities on more than 50 different topics. Categories include general information, mental wellness, substance use, grief, relationship building, and groups. Learn more by browsing the Curriculum Guide.

Case Managment

Case managers are a safety net who provide additional resources to clients beyond the mental wellness options available through the Collaborative.


Do you have a quick question about how best to handle a specific situation? A phone call or one-time meeting could be the answer.

Trauma-Informed Assessments

Our program staff are trained in gathering information early in the process in a way that is sensitive to any past traumas that might have occurred. The assessment is then used to create a treatment plan for the client.

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