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Triple P: Positive Parenting

Triple P is the flexible, practical way to develop skills, strategies, and confidence to handle any parenting situation. Triple P is an evidence-based parenting program with a toolbox of ideas that you can choose to use. Triple P helps parents raise happy, confident kids and manage misbehavior, so everyone in the family enjoys life more. […]

Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences

In the ACE Interface training, you will learn about the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study and the neurobiology that explains why ACEs significantly affect people’s lives. This training will provide information on how we can dramatically improve health and resilience for this and future generations. This training is foundational to learning about trauma-informed care.

Boundary Setting with Teens

Boundaries are one of the most effective tools for bringing stability to families dealing with substance use disorder (SUD). Boundaries and rules are similar, but they are not the same. The subtle change in thought could mean the difference between bringing reason back to the family or remaining in pain. This workshop will teach the […]

Cycle of Addiction

This session will detail the cycle the individual will go through who is using substances, as well as the process the family member will go through while their loved one uses substances. Participants will explore what it is like to be in each cycle for a substance user and for the family member. They will […]

Family Dynamics

This workshop explores various roles within a family when substance use is involved. Participants will learn the role each person plays, and how it impacts the family system, and discuss the cycle when a family does not receive help. Participants also will understand the functions of family dynamics, how the family cycle plays out, and […]

Family Illness

Families are affected by substance use. This session will detail the disease of addiction, and how each family member can receive help related to the family illness of substance use. By the end of the session, participants will understand how substance use is a family illness, recognize their part in the family illness, and utilize […]

Feeling Grief and Loss with Substance Use

When letting go of substances, there are often feelings of grief an individual experiences. This session will discuss the five stages of grief and loss around the substance, as well as the emotions the family members go through when their loved one gets help. Participants will be able to define the stages of grief, learn […]

Signs and Symptoms in Teens with Substance Use

This topic will detail the signs that appear in behavior regarding teens who are experiencing substance use. Participants will discuss what to look for and how to spot the signs among teens, as well as what to do if someone notices these signs in their teen. By the end of this course, participants will be […]

Substance Use Education

This workshop will discuss how drugs and alcohol affect the brain. Participants will learn the four stages of addiction, the parts of the brain affected by substance use, and how to recognize the stages and the cycle of addiction.

Why Am I Here?

One of the questions parents always ask is, “Why am I here? My child has the problem, not me.” Substance use, abuse, or addiction is a family affair. It affects the substance user, and their family. Our experience and multiple studies have shown the effectiveness of family involvement in helping the substance user recover, as […]