Sammwc 4c

Assessing Mental Wellness Needs

There are a variety of methods and data components that can be used to assess wellness needs. Assessment can provide an understanding of emotional and social competencies, as well as address ways to improve wellness-related instruction and programming. During this session, attendees will learn how to gather and analyze data so they can assess the […]

Building Relationships

Recent studies show that school connectedness can help reduce a student’s risk for mental health challenges, such as substance use and suicidal ideation. In this session, attendees will plan for intentional and systematic relationship-building with individual students, small groups, and the whole class to improve students’ long-term wellbeing and their ability to learn and stay […]

Goal Setting & Celebrations

Big goals, such as mastering a new academic concept, can feel overwhelming and demotivating. But celebrating small growths can provide enough motivation to push through difficulties and lead to big growth over time. In this session, attendees will learn how to set incremental growth goals and develop a system of celebrations with students.

How Wellness Benefits Educators and Students

After learning the physical and emotional benefits of mental wellness, attendees will evaluate their school’s needs related to mental wellness and mindfulness practices. They’ll also apply mental wellness strategies and mindfulness practices within the context of the school day to leverage attention and manage stress.

Integrating Mental Wellness into Content Areas

Content-based instruction doesn’t have to be exempt from incorporating mental wellness into lessons. In this session, attendees will brainstorm ways to use engaging mental wellness activities in content-area instruction.

Mindfulness Practices Within the School Day

Studies suggest that teaching students techniques to calm their minds and bodies can reduce negative effects of stress and increase their ability to stay engaged in the classroom. In this session, attendees will learn strategies and benefits of mental wellness and mindfulness practices. They will then discover how to use these strategies within the context […]

Structuring Students for Social and Academic Success

Students who demonstrate appropriate social skills in the classroom are better positioned to benefit from academic instruction. Setting clear expectations and routines, positive reinforcement and feedback, and high rate of opportunities are empirical ways to improve social and academic success in the classroom. In this session, attendees will learn a variety of evidence-based classroom management […]

Teaching Social Skills

With limited class time, it can feel overwhelming to add social skills instruction to a tight schedule…but it doesn’t have to be. In this session, attendees will strategize how to infuse social skills instruction into daily schedules and will build a toolbox of social skills instruction ideas to easily incorporate into their classroom.